Arabian Horse Times, July 1991
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The Old Frontier Clothing Co.

Larry Bitterman, formerly an attorney, founded The Old Frontier Clothing Co. of Los Angeles, based on his love of riding and the western lifestyle, and geared toward the Old West. “We call this the authentic look of the Old West,” states Bitterman. “It more accurately reflects the real American Cowboy than the flamboyant fringed/rhinestone style perpetuated by Hollywood of the ‘30s and ‘40s. I mean, picture a working cattle drover moving 2,000 head of cattle through the dirt and dust wearing a white suit with little horseshoes embroidered on it. Most certainly he would have been shot.”

Bitterman’s mail order company boasts a gorgeous catalog, and supplies international clientele, including the entertainment industry. Frontier Clothing has appeared on the television shows “Paradise” and “Young Guns” and Billy Crystal’s recent movie “City Slickers.” Plans are to expand the company’s line to include sport coats, suits and home furnishings with the romance and substance of the Old West.