Sky Magazine, Delta Airlines, February, 1995
There’s something pure, free, and fresh about the cowboy image. Whether that’s the reality or not makes very little difference.

Reprint in part:

Another stranger who rode into town and marked his territory with a distinctive fashion statement is Larry Bitterman. Bitterman traded in his commercial-law practice for a western-wear business – the Old Frontier Clothing Company based in Los Angeles. Old Frontier opened its mail-order doors in 1990, just about the time the western lifestyle boom was awakening from its post-urban-cowboy doldrums. The company’s signature style is frontier authenticity – bed-sized bandannas, bib-front shirts and cavalry coats with brass buttons, gold-braid cuffs and detachable capes.

“We re-created the flavor of the Old West with a line of classically tailored clothing that reflects the real American cowboy,” Bitterman says.