WESA Denver Daily, January 15, 1995
Lazy LS puts romance back into clothing
By Jessica Jahiel

Larry Bitterman, President of the Lazy LS Brand, is designing traditional Victorian clothing for modern Americans. “I’m seeing a very definite trend in the market, especially with the advent of the Western movies that are out right now. There’s a real movement towards the Old West, old-time, traditional Victorian look.”

Bitterman should know – Lazy LS dressed actors for Lonesome Dove, Geronimo, Bad Girls, Wyatt Earp, Tombstone, and Maverick. “For Bad Girls, we actually designed clothing,” says Bitterman. “It was a wonderful experience.”

Like the directors who make the movie they want to see, Bitterman designs the clothes he wants to wear. His elegant, tailored frock coat is a hot seller.

“We’re trying to find a middle ground between the re-enactor, gunfighter-types, and the more typical guy who just wants to look good, but who isn’t going to wear chaps and a gunbelt,” says Bitterman.

Lazy LS is trying to crossover into the mainstream, with some success. “The rodeo guys are getting interested – we’re not going to get them out of their Wranglers, but they’re buying these shirts and vests, and the coats,” says Bitterman.

“They like the look, and the natural fabrics – we use canvas, cottons, and twills, We offer a wide range of sizes, too,” says Bitterman. “Those guys who think we can’t fit them, because they take XXL or 50 – bring ‘em in. Cowboys, rodeo riders, wannabes – whoever they are, we’ve got clothing to fit them.”

Lazy LS also features affordable clothing for women. “Again, our focus is on the look we want – classic, romantic – in practical, beautiful fabrics.” According to Bitterman, the secret to Lazy LS’s success is their ability to put the romance back into clothing.

“People love that traditional look,” says Bitterman. “What we do is create clothing that gives them the look they want, but we do it without sacrificing function for form. We’ve taken the style of tradition and the durability that modern manufacturing methods makes available, and we’ve made clothing that fits, that holds up, and that has real style.”