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Whether you call it a bandanna, a "wild rag," or
just a scarf, the most important thing, to a Cowboy,
is that it be big. Ours are about 36" x 36", and that's 100% silk. Generous proportions were important
when you considered the multiple uses this simple
piece of equipment was asked to perform - it could be
a sling, a bandage, a blindfold for your horse, a
cooling mechanism when wet and stuffed inside a
hat, a face protector or mask.
Of course, that was then, now it is a cravat (roll it
and tie it in a square knot), a dress tie (roll it and
tie a 1/2 windsor knot), a cowboy "turtleneck"
(put the triangle in front with point down and
wrap the ends around the back and then tie a
knot in front), an ascot (just tuck it inside your
collar) or just a cool cowboy knot (maybe one
that no one has thought up yet).

Price: $40-$60

All prices subject to change.

Scarf Fabric Swatches:


Price: $40


Acanthus Scarf

Black & Silver Scarf
Black & Silver

Blue & Gold Scarf
Blue & Gold

Blue & Silver Scarf
Blue & Silver

Brass and Bronze scarf
Brass & Bronze

Calico #1 Scarf
Calico #1

Calico #9 Black Scarf
Calico #9 Black

Gold and Black scarf
Gold & Black

Green & Brown Scarf
Green & Brown

Navy and Brown Scarf
Navy & Brown

Plum & Rust Scarf
Plum & Rust

Raspberry & White Scarf
Raspberry & White

Red & Gold Scarf
Red & Gold

Red Paisley Scarf
Red Paisley

Silver and Smoke Scarf
Silver & Smoke

Wine and Olvie scarf
Wine & Olive

Vine Scarf

Black Jacquard Scarf

Burgundy Jacquard Scarf

Navy Jacquard Scarf

Purple Jacquard Scarf

Red Jacquard Scarf

Root Beer Jacquard Scarf
Root Beer

Rose Jacquard Scarf

Sage Jacquard Scarf

Silver Jacquard Scarf


Price: $50

Black and Tan Scarf
Black & Tan

Gold, Burgundy & Navy Scarf
Gold, Burgundy & Navy

Olive Green Scarf
Olive Green

Rust and Green scarf
Rust & Green

Saddle Brown Scarf
Saddle Brown

Cameo Jacquard Scarf

Chocolate Jacquard Scarf
Dark Brown

Rust Jacquard Scarf

Straw Jacquard Scarf

Price: $60

Burgundy and Gold Scarf
Burgundy & Gold

Gold & Rust Scarf
Gold & Rust

Acanthus Scarf
Frontier Brown

Olive & Burgundy Scarf
Olive & Burgundy

Tan, Burgundy and Light Blue Scarf
Tan, Burgundy & Lt Blue



100% Silk

$40 - $60

$40 Scarf

$50 Scarf

$60 Scarf

Regent Slide

Regent Slide:
Another great piece
of jewelery and an
alternate way to wear
a "rag" but at an
equally great price.

Price: $25

Regent Slide